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What You Wish For

 Why did she leave, and what do I do now? Introduction

When I wrote my last story, I promised my next one would be a detective story of some kind. Sorry. I lied. Maybe not really a lie, so much. More like I tried to do it, but the story just kept going nowhere. Then I was out for drinks a month or so back and heard a guy telling his story. It started the way this one starts, and it got me to thinking about why people act the way they do. And it also got me to thinking about the endless criticism I get for not fleshing out my female characters enough–a criticism, granted, that was more muted with The Bar and Grill, bit is valid nonetheless.

So I decided to write this one and see where it took me. Halfway through the outline, it all just clicked. Sure, you may hate it, so the outline may have su@#cked. But it was easier than hell to write. And, even though the main character and storyteller is a male trying to figure out life after divorce, the more interesting characters–at least the ones I really enjoyed inventing and writing about–are the women. None of them, I think, are really the same. All of them, I fervently hope and pray, are three-dimensional. So be forewarned: Three-dimensional characters have flaws. Sorry, but I'm trying to write about real life.

Before you begin, I want to warn you about a few things. First, this is a 6-part series. Don't, for God's sake, judge the book by the first part. Unless, of course, it really su@#cks. HarryinVA, please don't hate my main male character until at least part three, but make damned sure you weigh in with your thoughts. All of you, these characters are going to grow as the story goes forward, so please keep an eye out for that.

And DanielQSteele, get your ass moving on When We Were Married! (Sorry, but I'm going to nag you until you're done with it. Despite my comments to the past several chapters, you really are fu@#cking brilliant!)

Thanks to all for taking the time to read this, and particular thanks to those who take the additional time to comment.

0 0 Chapter 1  by Rehnquist
Why did she leave, and what do I do now?
10086 words 197 reads
0 0 Chapter 2  by Rehnquist
Tyler goes back home.
9094 words 35 reads
0 0 Chapter 3  by Rehnquist
Meeting my editor, who makes some major observations.
8384 words 19 reads
0 0 Chapter 4  by Rehnquist
Is Ben my son?
11592 words 22 reads
0 0 Chapter 5  by Rehnquist
Trying to find love again.
7311 words 13 reads
0 0 Chapter 6  by Rehnquist
She love me, she love me not?
10650 words 30 reads