The Bully

A Bully bullies son and then his mother.

God Save the Devil

A story based on revenge, humiliation and much more...


A man to remember.

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Film Industry

True incident of my being in that

Child's Play

Child's Play: In PORNOVISION

Superior Man

An ordinary man struggling in his life.

Ma ka Loda

What happened to his conservative mother.

Family Nightmare

A family lives in Nightmare after tragedy.

The Cricket Team Mother

He got to this to be in team

This is a story of violent rape. If you are one of the “good’ guys I’d suggest you not read this further. Feel free to post this story anywhere on any board or website as long as it is FULLY posted. Drop me a line at [email protected] if you want to comment it. The story has been inspired by many other such stories that have been read.

Bad Seed

Conspiricy within the Family.